Monday, September 25, 2017

THIS OLD GIRL - Baggy Pants and Sensible Shoes

Lovely, misty morning over the bay.  The ferry pulls out from the dock.  There's a long blast of foghorn as it disappears into the haze.  Here at Cotton Farm our resident mama deer is leading her little ones (who aren't so little anymore) along my hedge of Laurel.  The thick hedge serves multiple purposes - feeding deer, housing bunnies, keeping my little world private.

Today William and Abner curl by my side as I contemplate aging in good spirits.  I'm drawn to the picture at the top of this blog page, me as a child in northern New Jersey.  I realize (happily) that I still often wear baggy pants, cardigan sweaters, and sensible shoes.   It warms my heart to hold on to pieces of that small child, to remember and honor her, to love her unconditionally as This Old Girl ages into youth and good spirits.

William and Abner

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