Wednesday, October 11, 2017

THIS OLD GIRL - The Gift of Today

In truth, aging is a bloody challenge.  I’m up for it, but sometimes find it a pain in the rump, literally today because my left sciatic nerve is aching.   And here’s where my annoyance kicks in.   “You’re in great shape, keep up the exercise,” my doctor advises.  And I’m out there walking rain or shine almost every day and sometimes lift weights as well, but if I push this aging bod a tad too much it comes back to haunt me in the form of pain.  Now I wouldn’t mind the sore muscles if I saw some light at the end of the tunnel, like my exercise routine bringing cholesterol numbers down.   “Eat more fiber,” the doc says.  So this carbo junkie buys a machine that grinds fruit, veggies, and nuts to a pulp and starts having healthy, fibrous shakes for breakfast.  It isn’t long before this morning meal is followed by spending the afternoon in the bathroom.   With the grinding machine tucked to the back of a rarely opened cabinet, I get into buckwheat groats for breakfast.  Let me tell you groats, no matter what favorite goodie I put in it, isn’t a New York bagel slathered with cream cheese.  Moving on from grumbling, this morning, instead of standing over the sink to eat my yummy bowl of mush, I sat at the dining room table.  This way I was able to plop my screaming sciatic rear on the heating pad while I ate.  About halfway through my ordeal, William jumped onto the table.  He moved to the bowl and started licking the mush that was stuck to the side.  Purring loudly, he turned, licked my face, washed his, and curled into peaceful sleep - my little William always so appreciative of the smallest tidbit. 

     When William was a kitten, he was hurled violently from a moving car.  His little pink nose will always carry the scar of that collision with pavement.  My granddaughter and I came across him at the animal shelter.  When the volunteer told us his story, we were in disbelief.  My wide-eyed granddaughter asked, “How can someone do that?”  I answered as best I could.   “I don’t know, Sweetie, but I do know that sometimes we’re able to pick up the slack for some of the ignorance in the world.”  William became my cat that day.   And, as with the buckwheat groats, he savors any bit of food and kindness that comes his way.  So, since I always grow some through my association with animals, I’ll let this groats thing grow on me.  Maybe my cholesterol numbers will shrink in the process.   No matter what, like William I’ll take time to appreciate the gift of today and the joy of the moment.  It’s all about taking care of This Old Girl aging into youth.   

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  1. Carole,
    I just have to say this blog is wonderful. So uplifting and a great shot in the arm for this aging girl! Thanks.