Friday, February 16, 2018


At a seminar on aging a woman at my table leaned over and whispered, "I really wasn't planning on getting old.  I thought I had this aging thing beat." Oh my, did I get that comment.  For years I had been actively involved in not getting old.  I had been a personal trainer. I had all the answers.  I ran daily, lifted weights, kept my weight down, didn't smoke, had only an occasional drink.  I though I ate pretty well, but didn't fret much about food.  My reasoning was that I exercised enough to not fret much about food.  So I wasn't planning on changing anything.  Like my lunch companion, I thought I had a handle on aging, or at least my lifestyle would slow the process a bit.  And that may be true, but as time went on I had to admit to some annoying issues.  Tense tummy, headaches, irritable bowel, fatigue, mild bouts of anxiety and depression, aches and pains.  These maladies would come and go.  I read a lot, took vitamins and herbal remedies, and finally decided hormone fluctuation was the culprit and all minor health woes would eventually go away, but one morning at 3 a.m. when I couldn't sleep because of these pesky symptoms my husband said, "You know, Babe, you've explored everything except your diet."

I'll be very to the point in this short blog.  He was right.  I did some research, changed my diet, and fixed my issues.  Bottom line, I have been eating gluten-free for two years.  I don't have celiac disease, but do apparently have a gluten sensitivity.  So I continue to age in good spirits thanks in part to a life changing diet.  

My goal throughout my writing career has been to add to the health of the community.  I've shared my interesting and amazingly simple food journey in the article This Old Girl - Gluten-Free, A Life Changing Diet.  You'll find it in the link below.   

Best wishes from THIS OLD GIRL.

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