Friday, February 23, 2018


Most days I walk in a local state park with beautiful views of bay and mountains.  Quite often I see familiar faces.  Folks wave and smile, some shout a hearty "Good Morning" while others, plugged into earphones, zip quickly by.  And there's always a cute little pup ready for a pat.  But on a brisk winter afternoon I had a different experience.  Rounding the bend of my second lap of the parade ground there was someone new.  And a brief chat would change my day.

She was bundled in a long, gray, wool coat, black gloves, fuzzy red beret, and white athletic walking shoes with red laces.  She looked to be in her eighties and was using a walker to maneuver the sidewalk.  "Aren't the mountains lovely today," she said.  I agreed and at the same time noticed her bright blue eyes and cheerful demeanor.  "I used to run this entire park," she said.  "Then I had to switch to walking and now I'm reduced to this contraption.  But the good news is I'm still out here exercising."

I was near tears as we went our separate ways.  There are times when I actually step out of myself and appreciate the gifts right under my nose.  For this former personal trainer, distance runner, occasional whiner over stuff I can no longer do, that sweet lady was a much needed boot in the pants.  While my body doesn't do well running anymore (I know this because when I try I hurt), I can walk for miles and for that I am grateful.  Like the woman with the walker I'm still out there aging into good exercise. 

In truth, there are many small exercise techniques I use to stay healthy.  And you can, too. As a writer with a goal of adding to the health of the community, I continue to share my aging journey in this latest article This Old Girl - Aging Into Good Exercise With a Retired Personal Trainer.

Best wishes from This Old Girl.

Here's link to Aging Into Good Exercise With a Retired Personal Trainer and other Living My Best, Aging In Good Spirits articles.

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