Thursday, March 8, 2018


I wrote the following piece a few years ago.  Thought I'd share it here.  Keep up those good spirits.  


One of my wonderful sons is relocating back to the Pacific Northwest and is temporarily staying with me through the moving process.   I love it when a son comes home, even if it’s temporary.  I’m blessed with three great guys and I enjoy spending time with them.   I also like to kid them about their graying temples and their own children quickly becoming adults.  But until yesterday, I didn’t give much thought to any one of them noticing my aging.   Since I raised them to be considerate and respectful and to pull their own weight, I figure the son who is temporarily home helps me carry bundles from the car, paints my patio, and totes the garbage to the curb because he is and does all of the above.  


So, yesterday I’m in the backyard playing with the dog.  I throw the ball, he runs madly to fetch and bring it back.   Forgetting my own strength (I do workout everyday), I lob the ball high and, not for the first time, it lands on the roof of the house.  The dog’s whining brings my son outside. 

     “His ball is on the roof, right in the rain gutter,” I say.  “He always whines pathetically until it’s back down on the ground.”

     “What do you mean by always, Mom, you’ve done this before?”

     “Every once in a while,” I reply.

My son hoists the ladder that happens to be right there in the yard, braces it open, and starts up toward the ball in the gutter.  

     “What do you do when this happens and I’m not here?” he asks. 

     “I do just what you’re doing,” I say.

I might have heard a little grunt of disapproval from climbing son, but I can’t swear to it.  My hearing’s not what it used to be. 

     “Okay, Mom, no more climbing up ladders for you.  I’m settling close by.  You can call me now for these things.  Did you hear me, Mom?”

Like I said, hearing’s not what it used to be.  And didn’t I raise him to be polite and considerate.  Good to see those traits come out; cause the boy isn’t on that ladder because Mom is old. 


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Best wishes from THIS OLD GIRL.

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