Monday, September 14, 2020

A Cat and a Colonoscopy



After three days on a low fiber diet and nearly two days of liquids only followed by sixty-four ounces of Gatorade laced with a potent laxative, back in January (pre Covid-19 pandemic) I was two hours away from a colonoscopy and terrified (yes, I know, a bit dramatic).  In truth, I shouldn't have been at all nervous, had done this twice before and, with the exception of the awful prep, both times had a comfortable experience.  The nurses had been great, the surgeon a pro and the conscious sedation meds oh so wonderful.  Despite this good history, my mind and body were a jittery mess.  Sitting in the living room counting the minutes I was trying to let my beautiful view of peaceful blue bay and snow-capped Cascades calm my nerves when Abner, my sweet orange kitty, showed up.  At first he stayed at my feet surveying the situation wide-eyed and curious.  Then he moved to my lap and sat for a bit.  From there he climbed up to my chest, pushed himself snug against me and began to purr.  Being a staunch believer in animal instincts, I took this as a sign.  According to Abner, I'd be fine.  And his tight hug was the purr-fect calming remedy.  I left for my appointment feeling a touch better.  Sitting on the bed in the operating room, I mentioned to the nurse how nervous I’d been and the loving care my cat had dispensed.  “I have a kitty and totally get it," she said.  "Now let me put the finishing touches on his work.”  She started the IV drip, helped me lay back and let the meds do their thing.  

      In what seemed like a nanosecond I was awake, feeling no pain, procedure over.  Arriving home just a tad loopy and minus a polyp I plopped my sedated bod back in the living room chair.  Abner was across the room on the couch napping on his blanket.  He opened his eyes, yawned, stretched and offered the slyest told you so look before curling back into sleep.  I dozed off peacefully as well accepting that I'd likely always be a basket case before any future surgeries and knowing I'd always have the company of a wise critter to keep me somewhat centered and sane.

       Along with the necessary prep and meds, I highly recommend doctors add  this all natural treatment to the procedure to-do list - one dose of cute kitty before and after every colonoscopy. 

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