Monday, April 13, 2020

Bare Floors and Cat Treats

Dusty isn’t a fan of bare floors.  He navigates the carpeted rooms of the house with ease while ignoring the guest room and hall bathroom.  The big issue for him, and subsequently me who wants her pup happy and her Libra scales balanced, is the uncarpeted kitchen floor.  For Dusty, crossing the kitchen to reach the door that leads to his fenced yard is akin to slipping and sliding on a sheet of ice.  He sways back and forth on the edge of the carpet for an eternity and finally leaps and skids and scurries to the small throw rug by the doorway.  As you’ve probably guessed by now, this glitch in his comfort doesn’t sit well with me.  At first I thought I’d just carry him out the door, “He’s small, no big deal, why not?” I asked myself.  Then I thought about having to ask my husband, Jim, to do this if I wasn’t home and decided on another plan.  Replacing the small door mat with a larger one seemed a good solution and it was for giving Dusty a longer, softer path coming into the house.  But he still had the daunting slip and slide of the main kitchen area to cross. I like our kitchen floor.  It’s an attractive wood, easy to clean and blends well with the tan carpet in the dining room.  I also like a room to have an even, uninterrupted flow, a balance, but my scales were about to be tilted to fix this problem.
      I found them on the bottom shelf of the linen closet, one maroon, one pea green, one faded pink.   I cringed at the mishmash of color as I made a path through the kitchen with old, worn bath rugs.  It wasn’t pretty.  The cats gave me their what weird thing are you doing now looks.  Dusty approached, sniffed the green and stepped on, sniffed the pink, stepped on, sniffed the maroon and pranced gingerly to the mat by the door.  I was elated.  And over the next weeks Dusty padded through the kitchen with bouncy confidence.  I decided I’d improve the ugly color scheme with new matching mats and adjust to a rug path through the kitchen until little bugger Dusty changed my mind. 

Jim and our cats have a morning routine.  He rattles his vitamin bottles, Abner and William arrive in the kitchen for a treat.  They sit patiently while he takes his supplements then opens the kitty treat jar and places munchies down on the floor.  Dusty was part of the group now with Jim placing his treat on one of the mats.  The morning I was planning to buy new throw rugs, I was in the kitchen for this ritual.   The cats left a few of their nibbles on the floor.  Dusty finished his goodie, stepped casually off his mat, pranced comfortably along the bare floor and gobbled up the cat treat remains.  I was amazed.  “Ya know, he’s done that before,” Jim said.  “He gets distracted and forgets to be afraid.  I’d hold off on buying new rugs.” 
     It’s annoying when my husband’s calm overrides my OMG, but I decided to relax about the mat thing, give it some time.  The wait was worth it.  Only two throws remain, the long, brown one at the door and the maroon at the far end of the kitchen as a jumping off place from carpet to bare floor.  Dusty has come a long way.  He still sits on the door mat for his treats, but maneuvers the floor for everything else including leftover cat tidbits.   I like to think I’ve come a long way as well.  The jury is still out.