Monday, May 25, 2020

I'm Worried About That Tarp

The Covid-19 pandemic so awful for the world hasn't been too bad for me. My family is always home to keep me company and when they do go out it's mostly for walks, and I get to go. There's been a lot more play time in the yard, too.  I'm a bit worried today, though.  There's a big plastic tarp on the floor, scissors and brushes have been placed on the tarp and the bottle of Dawn soap that's usually in the kitchen is by the tub in the bathroom.  The hairdryer is always out, but right now I have a bad feeling about that as well.

Except for the car ride, I've been pretty good about going to the groomer.  The warm bath is nice and my clean, short coat feels good, especially in hot weather. And I look so handsome all spiffed up.  I'm better now about riding in cars, but today being at the mercy of my pseudo groomer has me concerned.  There have been many dogs here before me and we've all been kept beautifully bathed and clipped, but by a PROFESSIONAL GROOMER.  This girl of mine is so good to me and the cats in every way, but grooming????  OMG as you humans would say.  I see her coming.  Stay tuned.

This is the quarantined makeshift groomer speaking.  The kitties are hiding high up in the rafters, there's "caution" tape draped across the demolished bathroom and I look like something the cats dragged in.    Dusty, bathed, clipped, brushed and handsome sits patiently in the kitchen waiting for the promised treat.  Not surprising, he was enormously cooperative although a bit shaky during his ordeal.  Also not surprising, I have a new respect for our professional groomer.  I'll sign off now and attempt to groom myself, or perhaps go directly for my adult beverage treat.

Dusty here - She's a mess, but hallelujah I'm not, look pretty good really. I didn't let her near my nails, too scary, but my fur is clean and short and pretty even, except for my legs, my leg fur is a little jagged here and there, but she did her best  and was extra cautious trimming around my eye.  She's gutsy and I'm proud of her, but I hope we're out of quarantine before too long. I miss my real groomer assuming you can miss someone who assaults your body with suds and scissors.  From all of us, stay well.