Monday, June 22, 2020

Green Apples in My Bed

Dusty Quinn

I’ve never, ever had a yard with apple trees. Now that I do, I’m happy.   The fruit is small, really small.  My human says it will be a few months before we can pick anything, but I’ve made an important discovery.  Some of the apples have already fallen from the trees and even though they’re tiny and very green, I like them.  I can pick them up in my mouth, toss them high in the air, fetch them as if they were rubber balls.  And so I’ve decided the wee green apples are mine and belong in the house with my other toys.  I put two by my food bowl, but before I even curled up for a nap William and Abner were snooping.  I moved the apples to my blanket in the family room.  Abner was watching and pranced onto my blanket as if it was his. I barked and he scrammed, but William was right behind poking his paw where it didn’t belong.  I grabbed the end of my blanket in my teeth and dragged it over my new fruit toys, covering them completely.  The cats were on it, both approaching low to the ground, tails flailing back and forth.  This called for some serious growling and a good chase around the house, but before long they were back nosing around, they just don’t take me seriously.  I stood guard over my blanket contemplating my options.  It was a given that the cats would be persistent.  If I continued to chase them, I might get into trouble.  If we caused enough of a ruckus, my old girl human would likely get annoyed and put my new toys back in the yard.  So I waited till Will and Abner were napping in the sunbeam.   Slowly I moved first one fruit then the other to my sleeping corner in the master bedroom. Very, very quietly I tucked each one into the folds of white fleece.  Quite leisurely, to be sure and not alert meddling felines, I did my usual pre-curling three circles and lowered my bod down.  Success. Abner and William still asleep, human engrossed on the computer and no one will ever know.  I’m pleased with myself.  I outsmarted those annoying cats, kept my old writer girl calm and have great new toys, green apples, safe in my bed.