Friday, January 22, 2021



Cool damp wood, bare feet, bay breeze, the aroma of sea, mist                                                                 meeting skin.

Tall green pines, snowcapped mountains, blue water, whitecaps dancing.

Bunnies peak from under the hedge, hopping, playing, chewing clover.

 Each new morning a prayer in the familiar of passing years.

Thank you for this lovely day, a day that I will live with positive thoughts, joy and happiness, gratitude and appreciation.

A fawn and two babies amble by. I am here, in the now, peaceful.

And as quickly I lose myself in the unknowns of tomorrow, the wonders of today escaping at my own doing. 

 A low jangle from the far side of the deck.  Closer now.  Dog tags clanging against each other.  Pup approaching. 

A furry face, sparkling eyes bringing me back.  There’s today to live, inspiration to embrace, laughter for the spirit. 

We sit together, the rising sun touching with warmth, a small dog tender with trust.

And this morning on the deck I celebrate the moment, the simple beauty, the love.


Tuesday, January 19, 2021



An old Native American holy man once said, “The power of a pure and good soul is planted as a seed in every person’s heart, and will grow as you walk in a sacred manner.”


A child, a dad hand in hand through the park

fall leaves flying in chilly New York.


Up ahead people bustling, busy with tasks

stepping over, kicking the body with flask.


Disheveled, dirty, holes in his shoes

he lay sprawled on the sidewalk amid hisses and boos.


How odd I thought, no one seems to care

what will Dad do, I pondered, as we drew near.

He let go of my hand and bent over the heap

scooped him up to a park bench to safely sleep. 


His strong hand gripped mine, we continued our walk

not a word was uttered, no need to talk.


I inhaled the compassion right to my heart

simple humanity not from book smart.


A modest mechanic, grease on his clothes

a small girl with a message right under her nose.


That lesson in kindness lingers today

in silence Dad taught me a sacred way. 

Saturday, January 16, 2021



Ivy in Stump Garden

This encounter with nature (over thirty years ago) changed the trajectory of my spiritual journey.  


No robins sing, no distant barks,

the frogs in the pond are still.


Color becomes vibrant and loud

orange sun, purple lilac sweep me in.


United with verdant trees,

blue sky, tawny brown dirt.


Forsythia blinds with brilliant yellow

and I am every red flower, every green leaf.


A dry, silent breeze strokes my skin

evaporating tears, embracing spirit.


And in the magnificent quiet

the feel of oneness with all living beings.


Monday, January 11, 2021


Eat more fiber my young doc’s rule

good for old guts, cholesterol too.


I bring berries and oatmeal to the morning table

but the mush isn’t close to a New York bagel.


Halfway through my ordeal William jumps on my lap

a dear rescue kitty safe now and relaxed.


He savors the oatmeal left in the bowl

licks my face in a thank you and curls into a ball.


Appreciative purring vibrates straight to my heart

and again I’m enlightened by four-legged smart.


So I’ll let this oatmeal thing grow some on me

throw in ginger, cinnamon, a slice of kiwi.


And age like sweet William, a grateful old soul

snug on my lap with low cholesterol.